Delicious Prime Beef Dinner

On March 10, 2011, in Food Wins, by Chef Sanju

So after weeks of pestering my local Costco for prime cuts of meat, they finally get it this week, and I don’t know. I just cook this shit. So this is steak ‘n’ potatoes. Sanju Style of course. The green beans have been cooked in the jus from the steak, and then steeped in a lemon bourbon mushroom sauce. The potatoes are in a dill/mustard vodka cream sauce, cooked as a play on chowdah. PS It was good. Very good. PPS Prime beef is fuckin’ awesome!



The Dinner

I missed it as soon as I ate it.

Prime Beef


Notice the nice even browning and the lucious pink center.

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  1. Robert Baldwin says:

    Looking at that makes me hungry.

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